Chainsaw Man Filler List

Chainsaw Man Filler List is a guide where we can see chapter by chapter if it is a canonical chapter for the original story, or if it is a filler chapter.

Chainsaw Man Filler List


Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is a Manga and Anime series, in many occasions these series differ in some points of their story between the Manga (Comic) and the Anime (Cartoon), since usually filler is added in the anime to give time to the Manga to advance in the original story.

📝 Chainsaw Man Filler Guide Manga and Anime

With Chainsaw Man Filler Guide you will be able to know exactly which chapters of Chainsaw Man are canonical and which are filler, and go directly to the content you are most interested in:

Manga Canon Episodes Mixed Canon / Filler Episodes Filler Episodes Anime Canon Episodes

⚠️ Chainsaw Man Filler List and Order to Watch

Here is the complete list of Chainsaw Man chapters in order to watch them and with their corresponding filler chapters marked in case you want to skip those non-canonical parts of the story.

1 Dog & Chainsaw
2 The Place Where Pochita Is
3 Arrival in Tokyo
4 Power
5 A Way to Touch Some Boobs
6 Service
7 Meowy’s Whereabouts
8 Chainsaw vs. Bat
9 Rescue
10 Kon
11 Compromise
12 Squeeze
13 Gun Devil
14 French Kiss
15 Endless 8th Floor
16 The First Taste
17 Kill Denji
18 Chainsaw vs Eternity
19 Nobel Prize
20 Drinking
21 Taste of a Kiss
22 Cola-Flavor Chupa Chups
23 Gunfire
24 Curse
25 Ghost, Snake, Chainsaw
26 The Gun is Mightier
27 From Kyoto
28 Secrets & Lies
29 Perfect Score
30 Bruised & Battered
31 The Future Rules
32 Over and Over Again
33 Mission Start
34 Full Team
35 Minor
36 Katana vs Chainsaw
37 Train, Head, Chainsaw
38 Easy Revenge!
39 Tearjerker
40 Love, Flower, Chainsaw
41 Before the Storm
42 Teach Me How to Swim
43 Jane Fell Asleep in the Church
44 Boom Boom Boom
45 A Fine Day for Explosions
46 Massacre Melody
47 Luck with Women
48 Kaboom Kaboom Kaboom
49 Shark Hurricane
50 Sharknado
51 Dark Diving
52 Lost Love, Flower, Chainsaw
53 In a Dream
54 To Go to Enoshima
55 Let’s Go
56 A Curse and a First
57 Suddenly
58 Kurose Yutaro
59 Mess
60 Quanxi and the Fiends’ 49-Person Massacre
61 News Reporter
62 Super Mess
63 Trip to Hell
64 Welcome to Hell
65 The Darkness Devil
66 Woof!
67 The First Devil Hunter
68 Dark Power
69 Shining Power
70 Pinch
71 Bath
72 All Together
73 Everyday Life No More
74 What the Waves Say
75 9, 12
76 Don’t Open It
77 Ring Ring Ring
78 Snowball Fight
79 Play Catch
80 A Dog’s Feelings
81 Paw
82 Always Eat a Hearty Breakfast
83 Death, Resurrection, Chainsaw
84 Hero of Hell
85 Bloody Good Gut Feeling
86 Date Chainsaw
87 Chainsaw Man Vs. the Horrifying Weapon Humans
88 Star Chainsaw
89 Go Get ‘Em, Chainsaw Man
90 Super Power
91 Power, Power, Power
92 Zombie, Blood, Chainsaw
93 You & Crappy Movies
94 Chainsaw Man vs. the Weapon Humans
95 Chainsaw Man vs. Control Devil
96 This Kind of Taste
97 I, Love, Chainsaw

🧐 What is Chainsaw Man: Anime and Manga

Chainsaw Man is a fun series. If you’re looking for something lighthearted, but also violent and gory, Chainsaw Man is the perfect choice. It also offers elements of action, horror, drama and even mystery and romance all in one.

The anime adaptation was produced by Madhouse and directed by Masahiko Murata. It aired on TV Tokyo from April 15, 1995 to January 14, 1996. In North America, it was licensed by ADV Films, which released it on VHS and DVD.

The story is about a man who uses a chainsaw to fight crime. For some reason, he doesn’t use the saw to cut down trees or for anything else, but carries it around and uses it on people who have done something bad, like robbing or killing someone. He resents the world and seems to have lost his mind. He fights criminals who are bad (like drug dealers) and also good ones who try to stop him from doing what he does because they think he has gone crazy.

He meets a lot of people along the way: some become his friends but others want nothing more than to see this man die by their own hands; in any case, something always happens in Chainsaw Man’s life that makes him feel better about himself even though most people don’t understand why he does what he does.

👉Chainsaw Man Characters

Chainsaw Man: The protagonist of the series, he is a man who has the ability to control chainsaws. However, after being experimented on by Dr. Schreck he can also turn into something that looks like an evil version of himself when he gets angry.

Dr. Marlowe: A scientist who works with Dr. Schreck in creating monsters and trying to find new ways to kill people with his creations, as well as experimenting on themselves (which usually ends up killing them). He’s also fond of using alien technology in one form or another when creating his monsters, as it gives them more power and abilities than normal humans could ever have without that technology first being implanted into their bodies in some form before also becoming those creatures through some sort of chemical reaction between their bodies and whatever substance makes up those materials from space itself. It’s complicated, but basically these things can do anything if they want to badly enough…. until now!