Cowboy Bebop Filler List

Cowboy Bebop Filler List is a guide where we can see chapter by chapter if it is a canonical chapter for the original story, or if it is a filler chapter.

Cowboy Bebop Filler List


Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop is a Manga and Anime series, in many occasions these series differ in some points of their story between the Manga (Comic) and the Anime (Cartoon), since usually filler is added in the anime to give time to the Manga to advance in the original story.

📝 Cowboy Bebop Filler Guide Manga and Anime

With Cowboy Bebop Filler Guide you will be able to know exactly which chapters of Cowboy Bebop are canonical and which are filler, and go directly to the content you are most interested in:

Manga Canon Episodes Mixed Canon / Filler Episodes Filler Episodes Anime Canon Episodes

⚠️ Cowboy Bebop Filler List and Order to Watch

Here is the complete list of Cowboy Bebop chapters in order to watch them and with their corresponding filler chapters marked in case you want to skip those non-canonical parts of the story.

# Title Type Airdate
1 Asteroid Blues Anime Canon 24/10/1998
2 Stray Dog Strut Anime Canon 03/04/1998
3 Honky Tonk Women Anime Canon 10/04/1998
4 Gateway Shuffle Anime Canon 14/11/1998
5 Ballad of Fallen Angels Anime Canon 21/11/1998
6 Sympathy for the Devil Anime Canon 28/11/1998
7 Heavy Metal Queen Anime Canon 17/04/1998
8 Waltz for Venus Anime Canon 24/04/1998
9 Jamming with Edward Anime Canon 01/05/1998
10 Ganymede Elegy Anime Canon 08/05/1998
11 Toys in the Attic Anime Canon 15/05/1998
12 Jupiter Jazz (part 1) Anime Canon 22/05/1998
13 Jupiter Jazz (part 2) Anime Canon 29/05/1998
14 Bohemian Rhapsody Anime Canon 05/06/1998
15 My Funny Valentine Anime Canon 12/06/1998
16 Black Dog Serenade Anime Canon 13/02/1999
17 Mushroom Samba Anime Canon 20/02/1999
18 Speak Like a Child Anime Canon 19/06/1998
19 Wild Horses Anime Canon 06/03/1999
20 Pierrot Le Fou Anime Canon 13/03/1999
21 Boogie Woogie Feng Shui Anime Canon 20/03/1999
22 Cowboy Funk Anime Canon 27/03/1999
23 Brain Scratch Anime Canon 03/09/1999
24 Hard Luck Woman Anime Canon 10/04/1999
25 The Real Folk Blues, Part One Anime Canon 17/04/1999
26 The Real Folk Blues, Part Two Anime Canon 24/04/1999


🧐 What is Cowboy Bebop: Anime and Manga

Cowboy Bebop is a great anime with style, characters, a good story and voice acting that puts you in a situation. The soundtrack makes it all come together perfectly. If you like anime and haven’t seen Cowboy Bebop yet, go see it!

Bebop’s ship was built from a salvaged ferry that belonged to a former shipmate of the captain, Eugene.

Its characters are all awesome; Spike Spiegel and Jet Black are hilarious in their own way; Faye Valentine is great, but also does some pretty bad stuff sometimes….. And then there’s Ein! He’s very likable.

After the success of Cowboy Bebop, Sunrise produced another anime series titled Planetes. It was also directed by Shinichiro Watanabe and featured some of the same crew members from Cowboy Bebop. The series was dubbed into English by Animaze and ZRO Limit Productions, and was licensed by Bandai Entertainment in North America.

🤠Cowboy Bebop characters

The Bebop crew consists of four bounty hunters who work together to survive. Their leader, Spike Spiegel, is a former cop and an excellent fighter. He is also haunted by his past and has a complicated relationship with his partner Faye Valentine, who has been imprisoned for murder and fraud. In addition to these two main characters, there is Jet Black (the ship’s captain) and Ed (the ship’s cook). Each member of the Bebop’s crew is unique in his or her own way: Spike was once considered one of the best fighters in the galaxy; Jet lost his arm while trying to rescue Faye; Ed loves to cook but doesn’t know how much food he needs for a party until it’s too late.

All four characters are important because they all have their own story that inspires us in some way or makes us want to continue to watch them grow as individuals over time.