Saint Seiya Lista de Capítulos de Relleno

Saint Seiya Lista de relleno es una guía donde podemos ver capítulo por capítulo si es un capítulo canónico para la historia original, o si es un capítulo de relleno.

Saint Seiya Relleno


Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya es una serie de Manga y Anime, en muchas ocasiones estas series difieren en algunos puntos de su historia entre el Manga (Cómic) y el Anime (Dibujo animado), ya que normalmente se añade relleno en el anime para dar tiempo al Manga a avanzar en la historia original.

📝Saint Seiya Guía de Relleno Manga y Anime

Con Saint Seiya Guía de Relleno podrás saber exactamente qué capítulos de Saint Seiya son canónicos y cuáles son de relleno, e ir directamente al contenido que más te interesa:

Episodios Canon del Manga Episodios Mixtos Canon/Relleno Episodios de Relleno Episodios Canon del Anime
1-14, 23-24, 27, 29-31, 36-50, 52-53, 56-63, 65-73, 102-114 15, 25, 28, 32, 51, 100-101 16-22, 26, 33-35, 54-55, 64, 74-99

⚠️Lista de capítulos de relleno de Saint Seiya y orden de visionado

Aquí está la lista completa de capítulos de Saint Seiya en orden para verlos y con sus correspondientes capítulos de relleno marcados en caso de que quieras saltarte esas partes no canónicas de la historia.

1 Revive! Legendary Hero! Manga Canon 11/10/1986
2 Burn! Meteor Punch of Pegasus! Manga Canon 18/10/1986
3 Cygnus! Warrior of the Ice Field Manga Canon 25/10/1986
4 Dragon! Unrivaled Fist and Shield! Manga Canon 01/11/1986
5 Miracle of Rebirth! Friendship of the Cosmos Manga Canon 15/11/1986
6 Phoenix! The Warrior who saw Hell Manga Canon 22/11/1986
7 It is Stolen! The Gold Cloth Manga Canon 29/11/1986
8 Defeat them! The Black Phoenix Army Manga Canon 06/12/1986
9 Formidable Enemy! The Four Heavenly Knights of Darkness Manifest Manga Canon 13/12/1986
10 Beware Shiryu! The Cemetery of Cloths Manga Canon 20/12/1986
11 Life and Death Struggle! Terror of the Black Death Fist Manga Canon 27/12/1986
12 Catch! Nebula Chain of Friendship Manga Canon 10/01/1987
13 Burn Up! Punch of Flames Manga Canon 17/01/1987
14 Defeated! The Illusion Demon Fist Manga Canon 24/01/1987
15 Now It’s Revealed! The Enigma of Ikki Mixed Canon/Filler 31/01/1987
16 A Giant! The Fierce Attack of Docrates Filler 07/02/1987
17 Rescue! Saori’s Crisis Filler 14/02/1987
18 Great Rage! Ghost Saint of the Caribbean Filler 21/02/1987
19 Life or Death! Bloody Battle of the Island of Spirits Filler 28/02/1987
20 Desperate Battle! Shaina’s Revenge Filler 07/03/1987
21 Passionate Misdeed! The Aurora Confrontation Filler 14/03/1987
22 Rebirth of the Flame! Invincible Ikki Filler 21/03/1987
23 Silver Saint! Vain and Boastful Assassin Manga Canon 28/03/1987
24 Fly Pegasus! Like a Comet Manga Canon 11/04/1987
25 Fight! The Rise of Athena Mixed Canon/Filler 18/04/1987
26 Friend or Foe! Steel Saints Filler 25/04/1987
27 Stone Seiya! Shield of Medusa Manga Canon 02/05/1987
28 Dragon! Victory of Self-Sacrifice Mixed Canon/Filler 09/05/1987
29 Kidnapped! Corvus’ Army Calls Unexpectedly on Saori Manga Canon 16/05/1987
30 Burn! Cosmo of Love Manga Canon 23/05/1987
31 Evil Apparitions! Deadline of Life or Death Manga Canon 30/05/1987
32 Great Explosion! Death Queen Island Mixed Canon/Filler 06/06/1987
33 Dragon and Tiger Clash! No Light For Dragon Tears Filler 13/06/1987
34 Farewell Friend! Rest in Peace Filler 20/06/1987
35 Desperate Journey! Open Dragon’s Eyes Filler 27/06/1987
36 Amazing! Reality of the Twelve Gold Cloths Manga Canon 04/07/1987
37 The Mask Cries Out! Love or Death? Manga Canon 11/07/1987
38 Clash! Gold Saint Manga Canon 18/07/1987
39 Speed of Light! The Fist Faster than the Speed of Sound Manga Canon 25/07/1987
40 Go! The Official Departure Manga Canon 01/08/1987
41 Great Sanctuary Battle! Athena’s Greatest Crisis Manga Canon 08/08/1987
42 The Ultimate Cosmo! Seven Senses Manga Canon 15/08/1987
43 Big Bang! Battle of Taurus Temple Manga Canon 22/08/1987
44 Gemini! Maze of Light and Dark Manga Canon 29/08/1987
45 Panic! Adrift in a Different Dimension Manga Canon 05/09/1987
46 Cry Out! Nebula Chains fight as One Manga Canon 12/09/1987
47 Farewell Hyoga! Sleep, O Brave One! Manga Canon 19/09/1987
48 Dragon! Revival in the Land of Death Manga Canon 26/09/1987
49 Love! Shunrei’s Prayer Manga Canon 10/10/1987
50 Arise Dragon! Shiryu’s Angry Cosmo Manga Canon 17/10/1987
51 Why! Fang of the Gold Lion Mixed Canon/Filler 24/10/1987
52 Ares! The Demon Emperor Plots Manga Canon 31/10/1987
53 That Man! Cassios Dies for Love Manga Canon 07/11/1987
54 Ikki! Phoenix’s Blazing Wings Filler 14/11/1987
55 Fellowship of Harm! Athena’s Cry Filler 21/11/1987
56 Shaka! Most Sacred Saint Manga Canon 28/11/1987
57 The Fear of Nothingness! The Open Eyes of Shaka Manga Canon 05/12/1987
58 Hero! Ikki Destroyed For Brotherly Love Manga Canon 12/12/1987
59 Revive Swan! Life, Death, and Love Manga Canon 19/12/1987
60 Hyoga’s Return! At Risk of Life Manga Canon 26/12/1987
61 Surrender or Die! Scorpion vs. Swan Manga Canon 09/01/1988
62 Forge Ahead Hyoga! Proud and Brave Manga Canon 16/01/1988
63 Be Heard! Sanctuary’s Gold Cloth Manga Canon 23/01/1988
64 Young Men! You are worthy of Athena Filler 30/01/1988
65 Growling Excalibur! Shura vs. Dragon Manga Canon 06/02/1988
66 Shiryuu! Vanish Like a Star Manga Canon 13/02/1988
67 Farewell! My teacher, my friends Manga Canon 20/02/1988
68 Warrior of Beauty! Aphrodite Manga Canon 27/02/1988
69 Demon Roses! Sweet Fragrance of Death Manga Canon 12/03/1988
70 Peace! Shun’s Last Smile Manga Canon 19/03/1988
71 Fire is going out In the Fire Clock! True Face of the Pope Manga Canon 26/03/1988
72 Go Seiya! Get over the death of friends Manga Canon 09/04/1988
73 Gather, Friends! Toward Athena Manga Canon 16/04/1988
74 Enemies of the Northern Pole! The Legendary God Warriors Filler 23/04/1988
75 Hilda! Goddess Imprisoned by Evil Filler 30/04/1988
76 Great Giant Thor! Hatred of Cosmo Filler 07/05/1988
77 Giant’s Tears! Dying For Hilda’s Cause Filler 14/05/1988
78 Bared Fangs! Northern Wolf Fenrir Filler 21/05/1988
79 Sorrow! Fate of the Northern Wolf Pack Blow Filler 28/05/1988
80 Flowing Snowfield! Sad Howling Filler 04/06/1988
81 Freya! Love Tells of the Life/Death Struggle Filler 11/06/1988
82 Dancing Swan! Scorching Hell in the Ice Filler 18/06/1988
83 Bewitching Harp! The Prelude of Death Tempts Shun Filler 25/06/1988
84 Decree of Death! String Requiem Filler 02/07/1988
85 Hero’s Grief! Frozen Hatred Filler 09/07/1988
86 Phoenix! Crimson Blazing Wings Filler 16/07/1988
87 Demon’s Amethyst! Saint’s Cemetery Filler 23/07/1988
88 Sword of Flame! Dreadful Ambition Filler 30/07/1988
89 Impossible Viciousness! Forest of Spirits Filler 13/08/1988
90 Don’t Look Back, Seiya! Cosmo of the Rising Dragon Filler 20/08/1988
91 Glow Shun! Hidden Puzzle of the Dark Fang Filler 27/08/1988
92 Swirl! Shun’s Desperate Use of the Nebula Storm Filler 03/09/1988
93 Bud! Fate of the Twin Stars Filler 10/09/1988
94 Bond of Brotherhood! Syd Rests with his Ancestors Filler 17/09/1988
95 Hero of Noble Spirit! Legendary Knight Reborn Filler 15/10/1988
96 Dragon Against Dragon! A Fraction of a Second Leads to Victory Filler 22/10/1988
97 Siren! Beautiful Melody of Death Filler 29/10/1988
98 Appearance of a Miracle! Odin Robe Filler 05/11/1988
99 Athena! Eternal Prayer of Noble Spirits Filler 12/11/1988
100 The Emperor of the seas, Poseidon! Holy War Once Again Mixed Canon/Filler 19/11/1988
101 Smash! Mammoth Pillars of the Seven Seas Mixed Canon/Filler 26/11/1988
102 Mysterious Shine! Golden Bronze Cloths Manga Canon 03/12/1988
103 Dangerous Shun! Dreadful Fangs of the Demon Beast Manga Canon 10/12/1988
104 Death of the Demon Beast! Indestructible Golden Chains Manga Canon 17/12/1988
105 Excalibur! In the right arm lies Shura’s Spirit Manga Canon 24/12/1988
106 The Dream Was in Vain! The Was the Scent of Death Manga Canon 14/01/1989
107 Hunter of Hearts! Heartless Lymnades Manga Canon 21/01/1989
108 Isaac! A Cold Hearted Man Manga Canon 11/02/1989
109 Hang in There Kiki! A Sorrowful Death Battle Manga Canon 18/02/1989
110 Listen! The Beautiful Singing of Athena Manga Canon 25/02/1989
111 Friends! Until Death Do Us Part Manga Canon 11/03/1989
112 Two Souls! Mystery of Poseidon’s Resurrection Manga Canon 18/03/1989
113 Shoot Poseidon! The Golden Arrow Manga Canon 25/03/1989
114 Shine, Stars of Friendship! Eternal Legend of Youth Manga Canon 01/04/1989