Sgt. Frog Lista de Capítulos de Relleno

Sgt. Frog Lista de relleno es una guía donde podemos ver capítulo por capítulo si es un capítulo canónico para la historia original, o si es un capítulo de relleno.

Sgt. Frog Relleno


Sgt. Frog

Sgt. Frog es una serie de Manga y Anime, en muchas ocasiones estas series difieren en algunos puntos de su historia entre el Manga (Cómic) y el Anime (Dibujo animado), ya que normalmente se añade relleno en el anime para dar tiempo al Manga a avanzar en la historia original.

📝Sgt. Frog Guía de Relleno Manga y Anime

Con Sgt. Frog Guía de Relleno podrás saber exactamente qué capítulos de Sgt. Frog son canónicos y cuáles son de relleno, e ir directamente al contenido que más te interesa:

Episodios Canon del Manga Episodios Mixtos Canon/Relleno Episodios de Relleno Episodios Canon del Anime
5, 13-14, 25, 34-35, 46, 48, 71, 80, 101-103, 133, 149, 160, 175, 178, 183, 243, 274, 323, 334-337, 358 1-4, 6-12, 15-22, 24, 26-32, 36, 39-43, 45, 49-51, 55-56, 58, 81-82, 85, 94, 97-98, 109-110, 112-113, 116, 122, 127, 132, 136, 141-142, 151, 156, 173, 191, 195, 228, 236, 240, 256-257, 282, 338-342, 345 23, 33, 37-38, 44, 47, 52-54, 57, 59-70, 72-79, 83-84, 86-93, 95-96, 99-100, 104-108, 111, 114-115, 117-121, 123-126, 128-131, 134-135, 137-140, 143-148, 150, 152-155, 157-159, 161-172, 174, 176-177, 179, 181-182, 184-190, 192-194, 196-227, 229-235, 237-239, 241-242, 244-255, 258-273, 275-281, 283-322, 324-333, 343-344, 346-356 180, 357

⚠️Lista de capítulos de relleno de Sgt. Frog y orden de visionado

Aquí está la lista completa de capítulos de Sgt. Frog en orden para verlos y con sus correspondientes capítulos de relleno marcados en caso de que quieras saltarte esas partes no canónicas de la historia.

1 Meet the Sergeant! Mixed Canon/Filler 03/04/2004
2 Bag of Secrets! Mixed Canon/Filler 10/04/2004
3 Amphibian on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown! Mixed Canon/Filler 17/04/2004
4 Blood Violence Death Kill! Mixed Canon/Filler 24/04/2004
5 The Song of Men Who Love Toys Manga Canon 01/05/2004
6 Ghost Kiss-perer! Mixed Canon/Filler 08/05/2004
7 Apocalypse Later! Mixed Canon/Filler 15/05/2004
8 Base: The Final Frontier! Mixed Canon/Filler 22/05/2004
9 Desperately Seeking Brains! Mixed Canon/Filler 29/05/2004
10 Sgt. Frog Versus the Cavitians of Cavity 9! Mixed Canon/Filler 05/06/2004
11 Fake It ‘Til You Make It! Mixed Canon/Filler 12/06/2004
12 Pop $tartled! Mixed Canon/Filler 19/06/2004
13 Viper? I Hardly Knew Her! Manga Canon 26/06/2004
14 The Silence of the Plans! Manga Canon 03/07/2004
15 The Dark Momoka Saga! Mixed Canon/Filler 10/07/2004
16 Twin at All Costs! Mixed Canon/Filler 17/07/2004
17 Keroro vs Natsumi, Great Underwater Battle!/ Fuyuki, welcome to the Horror World Mixed Canon/Filler 24/07/2004
18 Natsumi is Hilarious! Adult Coast Story Mixed Canon/Filler 31/07/2004
19 Keroro vs Natsumi, Final Battle in the Festival!/Keroro, your ears have been invaded by radio! Mixed Canon/Filler 07/08/2004
20 Fuyuki meets a girl/Fuyuki, Messenger of the Nontolma Mixed Canon/Filler 14/08/2004
21 Keroro, saving energy also is invasion/Keroro attacks the countryside! Mixed Canon/Filler 21/08/2004
22 Tamama, from now on, I’m the leader! Mixed Canon/Filler 28/08/2004
23 Panic! The most noisy day in the Hinata Residence! Filler 04/09/2004
24 Keroro, the Space Detective of Justice and Poverty/556, tokusatsu job on the frontlines Mixed Canon/Filler 11/09/2004
25 Momoka, fugitive of love, youth and trouble Manga Canon 18/09/2004
26 Keroro, united! Invading the Sports Festival Mixed Canon/Filler 25/09/2004
27 Keroro, father is coming, father is going! Keroro Hotspring, GO! GO! GO! Mixed Canon/Filler 02/10/2004
28 Keroro, snowball battle survival/ Kululu, Ku of Kukuku Mixed Canon/Filler 09/10/2004
29 Natsumi and Koyuki, youth on stage!/ Keroro Scoop NG! Mixed Canon/Filler 16/10/2004
30 Tamama, the boy that came from Planet Keron/ Momoka aims for a Nice Body! Mixed Canon/Filler 23/10/2004
31 Keroro wants to but can’t return Mixed Canon/Filler 30/10/2004
32 Keroro, Animal Platoon Assemble!/ Giroro, what the cat wishes to say… Mixed Canon/Filler 06/11/2004
33 Keroro Platoon invades Pekopon through anime! Filler 13/11/2004
34 Momoka vs Koyuki, hotspring battle/ Keroro and Fuyuki relax together Manga Canon 20/11/2004
35 Top Secret! Operation Natsumi’s Birthday Party! Manga Canon 27/11/2004
36 Keroro duel! Sergeant vs General Winter/ Fuyuki, that’s how it is, Nishizawa Mixed Canon/Filler 04/12/2004
37 Dororo, to the ninja classroom/ Keroro’s dinosaur Filler 11/12/2004
38 Giroro, mobile infantry of love/Giroro vs Natsumi’s re-encounter Filler 18/12/2004
39 Keroro, the Great Christmas Operation/ Keroro, housecleaning in a day’s work Mixed Canon/Filler 25/12/2004
40 Mois, you could say, happy new year?/ Keroro, new year’s food and work are going well Mixed Canon/Filler 08/01/2005
41 Keroro, board game guided battle!/ Dororo, burning up with passion Mixed Canon/Filler 15/01/2005
42 Keroro, red blooded Keroro Platoon/ Tamama, the jealously shoot of friendship Mixed Canon/Filler 22/01/2005
43 Giroro, the red oni who can’t cry/ Giroro, flying into setsubun Mixed Canon/Filler 29/01/2005
44 Keroro vs Fuyuki, Sports Duel/ Kululu vs Aki, Explosive Invasion Robots Filler 05/02/2005
45 Keroro, sudden love for Dango/Natsumi and Momoka, Valentine Operation Initiated! Mixed Canon/Filler 12/02/2005
46 Keroro, have you forgotten me? Manga Canon 19/02/2005
47 Natsumi, protect the girl’s festival/ Keroro with Afro Filler 26/02/2005
48 Keroro platoon’s dazzingly spring operation/ Fuyuki, Useless Hazard Rescue Operation Manga Canon 05/03/2005
49 Kululu, How to Suceed in Space/Momoka, White Day Operation Mixed Canon/Filler 12/03/2005
50 Natsumi, high fever of the Earth warrior/ Giroro, If I can’t do it, who will?! Mixed Canon/Filler 19/03/2005
51 Keroro Platoon Retreats! Goodbye, Pekopon! Mixed Canon/Filler 26/03/2005
52 Keroro, standing on Earth once again!/ Tamama, Black Tamama Filler 01/04/2005
53 Keroro, Great Treasure Invasion Operation/ Angol Mois, more more flower viewing Filler 08/04/2005
54 Fuyuki, I’m a famous detective?/ Dororo, the revived warrior Filler 15/04/2005
55 Giroro, the ressurected soldier/Fuyuki, swimming carp flags! Mixed Canon/Filler 22/04/2005
56 Natsumi and Koyuki, Princesses of Tennis/Keroro, sunny summer day for invasion Mixed Canon/Filler 29/04/2005
57 Dororo, revenge is mine/ Huge Frog vs Giant Monsters of the Southern Sea Filler 06/05/2005
58 Keroro, invading with a vending machine/Tamama Awakens! New Final Attack! Mixed Canon/Filler 13/05/2005
59 Keroro, raising a castle/Keroro, moving castle Filler 20/05/2005
60 Keroro, KeroKero Machines Extreme Racing/Mois, you could say, Sleeping Beauty wishes for a quiet sleep? Filler 27/05/2005
61 Fuyuki, Whatever happened to the Mysterious Transfer Student?/ Natsumi and Saburo, the two who can’t return Filler 03/06/2005
62 Momoka & Natsumi & Mois, Phantom Thieves More Peach Summer/ Keroro Triumphant! Great Water Battle Filler 10/06/2005
63 Teacher Keroro, Gerogero Story/ Keroro, father re-encounter Filler 17/06/2005
64 Keroro, if you want to suck, suck! Just kidding, stop/ Dororo, escape from trauma Filler 24/06/2005
65 Keroro roar at Pekopon!/Tamama, a visitor from Planet Keron Filler 01/07/2005
66 Giroro, Love Rescue Operation/ Natsumi & Koyuki, heart-beating first date Filler 08/07/2005
67 Fuyuki & Momoka, secret mystery date/ Keroro, let’s make a game Filler 15/07/2005
68 Keroro reform! Great reconstruction!/ Dororo, now come! Destined Showdown Filler 22/07/2005
69 Natsumi and Fuyuki, Spirited Away/ Keroro yearly! Midsummer Comedy Battle! Filler 29/07/2005
70 Keronians vs Pekoponians, finally, all out battle?! / Koyuki, thrilling first riceball Filler 05/08/2005
71 Villainous! Annoying! Legend of the king who forgot his Space Homework Manga Canon 12/08/2005
72 Keroro, Ironman Chief Challenge/ Tamama, Strongest Warrior Challenge Filler 19/08/2005
73 Fuyuki 198X: Our Summer Vacation Filler 26/08/2005
74 Suprising Special – GeroGero 30 minutes Filler 02/09/2005
75 Momoka Awakens! The third Momoka! Filler 09/09/2005
76 Keroro Platoon, take me to the moon Filler 16/09/2005
77 Tamama, am I really getting married?/ Tamama, sealed Tamama Impact Filler 23/09/2005
78 Keroro, treasure hunting should be on a treasure island Filler 30/09/2005
79 Fuyuki, don’t give up on the Sports Festival/ Giroro, I know the cat Filler 07/10/2005
80 Keroro, lonely runaway Manga Canon 14/10/2005
81 Giroro, red-faced days full of willpower/ Fight Koyuki! Protect your loved ones! Mixed Canon/Filler 21/10/2005
82 Mutsumi, do you want to be on My Radio? Keroro vs Natsumi, 1/6 model battle Mixed Canon/Filler 28/10/2005
83 Keroro, Mixed Hot Springs Murder Case, etc./ Kururu, completely unpleasant guy Filler 04/11/2005
84 Momoka, Lunching in space/ Keroro, harvesting mushrooms Filler 11/11/2005
85 Keroro, turn it once and switch bodies/ Natsumi becomes a magical girl Mixed Canon/Filler 18/11/2005
86 Fuyuki & Natsumi, devilish Hinata residence/ Keroro become Super Heroes! Filler 25/11/2005
87 Keroro congratulates! Happy Birthday!/ Mois, Mois in Wonderland Filler 02/12/2005
88 Dasonu Maso conquers Pekopon! Actually, he didn’t even want it. Filler 09/12/2005
89 Giroro, the man with seven faces/ Fuyuki go! Occult Tournament Filler 16/12/2005
90 Keroro, I can’t say Merry Christmas Filler 23/12/2005
91 Keroro, the New Year: Birth of the New Keroro/ Koyuki, grandma is coming Filler 06/01/2006
92 Keroro Platoon, love from the sky/ Momoka vs Mois: Hanetsuki Battle Filler 13/01/2006
93 Natsumi enters into the secret base/ AkiHinata, probably the strongest woman in the universe Filler 20/01/2006
94 Karara & Taruru take Pekopon! Mixed Canon/Filler 27/01/2006
95 Natsumi and Giroro separated? Desperate Rescue Mission! Filler 03/02/2006
96 More Peach Summer Snow, Final Battle in Valentine’s/ Keroro, an extremely sorrowful tale Filler 10/02/2006
97 Momoka, written as «enemy», but read as «friend»/ Keroro & Fuyuki, just the two of us… Mixed Canon/Filler 17/02/2006
98 Momoka, the grand running away plan/ Dororo & Koyuki, a memorable encounter Mixed Canon/Filler 24/02/2006
99 Natsumi, Nacchi, the good dog/ Keroro, a naughty Keroppa Filler 03/03/2006
100 Keroro e? Who… am I? Who is… Everyone? Filler 10/03/2006
101 Keroro Platoon, the Day Pekopon Stood Still Manga Canon 17/03/2006
102 Keroro Platoon, Pekopon! Impending destruction of a beloved planet! Manga Canon 24/03/2006
103 Keroro Platoon, the sincerity that you showed me Manga Canon 31/03/2006
104 Keroro, farewell, lovable Keroro/ Keroro, Countdown to Ruin Filler 07/04/2006
105 Keroro, Great Opening of the Smile Sales/ Momoka, cherry blossom viewing love love operation Filler 14/04/2006
106 Fuyuki & Natsumi, suddenly invaders/ Giroro, time for hobbies Filler 21/04/2006
107 Natsumi, a fearful health inspection/ Fuyuki & Natsumi, the Great Sibling War Filler 28/04/2006
108 Tamama exclusive! Adult time/ Fuyuki and Momoka, The Island of Doctor Kululu Filler 05/05/2006
109 Keroro, Master Mama’s Grand Soothing Operation/Dororo, Runaway Silent Galaxy Express Mixed Canon/Filler 12/05/2006
110 Keroro, a little of a mysterious medicine/ Keroro, all paths lead to starfruits Mixed Canon/Filler 19/05/2006
111 Koyuki, a shinobi pajama party/ Natsumi, the surprising teacher visit Filler 26/05/2006
112 Kululu & Saburo, meeting in a drawing duel Mixed Canon/Filler 02/06/2006
113 Keroro, fight, our WettleKing!/ Natsumi, the Return of WettleKing Mixed Canon/Filler 09/06/2006
114 Giroro, vengeance is ours/Keroro, Dasonu Maso again, again and again? Filler 16/06/2006
115 Keroro, Nyororo vs Mecha-Nyororo/ Keroro, Gone with the Nyobo Filler 23/06/2006
116 Keroro, aiming for a shinning bath/ Mois, a diary about Uncle. Mixed Canon/Filler 30/06/2006
117 Keroro wishes on Tanaba/ Keroro Revival! The Extraordinary Dopamine! Filler 07/07/2006
118 Ghost Girl, let’s go to school/ Kululu, the Sergeant Major of Curry Filler 14/07/2006
119 Giroro Glorious! Summer Training Camp/ Keroro, catch the midsummer day! Filler 21/07/2006
120 Keroro, Doinaka Coast Returns/ Momoka, a summer experience Filler 28/07/2006
121 Dororo, the Kunoichi Karara appears! Filler 04/08/2006
122 Kululu, the cursed DVD/ Natsumi, everything is forbidden! Mixed Canon/Filler 11/08/2006
123 Visiting Grandma Hinata/ Tamama and the Turtle Filler 18/08/2006
124 Keroro, Summer’s Treasure Filler 25/08/2006
125 Keroro, conveyor belt sushi with no morals/ Keroro, The Mosquito of Terror Filler 01/09/2006
126 Keroro & Natsumi, where are the heroes?! Filler 08/09/2006
127 Keroro, secret Moon vacation/ Giroro, Typhoon Invasion Start! Mixed Canon/Filler 15/09/2006
128 Keroro in the end prays to god?! Filler 22/09/2006
129 Kiruru, the Messenger of Destruction Filler 29/09/2006
130 Keroro Platoon, all members reboot!/ Garuru Platoon, everyone fight! Filler 06/10/2006
131 Giroro, a secret day off/ Baio conquers the Sports Festival Filler 13/10/2006
132 Dororo, the moment is important!/ Natsumi, my blue bird Mixed Canon/Filler 20/10/2006
133 Arisa, Hunter of Darkness, Halloween Mayhem Manga Canon 27/10/2006
134 Keroro, if you have a cold, why don’t you get a dub voice?/ Fuyuki & Kululu go to Akihabara Filler 03/11/2006
135 Karara & Chiroro, The Shichi-Go-San of Nagomi/ Keroro, it’s only one grain left Filler 10/11/2006
136 Aki, war at hot springs/ Keroro, Go! Keroropan Mixed Canon/Filler 17/11/2006
137 Keroro, it’s an Excursion until you say «I’m home!»/ Keroro, sukiyaki of love and sorrow Filler 24/11/2006
138 Keroro, Keroro Show/ Fuyuki & Chiruyo, KGS Returns Filler 01/12/2006
139 556, Okutokyo is a man’s battlefield Filler 08/12/2006
140 Keroro Platoon, Super Tax Returns Operation/ Keroro, a certain man’s fight Filler 15/12/2006
141 Keroro, Okutokyo’s Ice Age, Arisa appears Mixed Canon/Filler 22/12/2006
142 Keroro, give me back my new year!/ Giroro, let’s start working on the Pekopon Invasion! Mixed Canon/Filler 05/01/2007
143 Keroro miracle!? Keroro’s father/ Hinata House submerged?! Filler 12/01/2007
144 Keroro, the Legend of the Iron Mask, the Mystery of the Big Ears Filler 19/01/2007
145 Urere, the salesman invader/ Keroro, And Then Nonetheless There Were None Filler 26/01/2007
146 Pluto, Do you Remember it? Filler 02/02/2007
147 Paul, a Butler’s Honor/ Giroro, who gave me this? Filler 09/02/2007
148 Koyuki, Jidaigeki Wonderland/ Keroro jumps to Chubei Filler 16/02/2007
149 Arisa, Alien versus Monster Manga Canon 23/02/2007
150 Giroro, time to depart Filler 02/03/2007
151 Chiruyo, Marking White Day/Fuyuki, plan your usage Mixed Canon/Filler 09/03/2007
152 Keroro, Always! Planet Ad’s Heaven Filler 16/03/2007
153 Kerokero, Military Operation Number 100 Filler 23/03/2007
154 Keroro, Farewell, Sergeant Keroro! Filler 30/03/2007
155 Keroro Platoon, Perfect Rhythm/ Keroro Platoon, Great Resonance Filler 07/04/2007
156 Keroro Combination! Keroro Robo/ Keroro Invasion! Cherry Blossoms Frontline! Mixed Canon/Filler 14/04/2007
157 Pururu, count with the Chief Nurse/ Natsumi, today’s fortune Filler 21/04/2007
158 Keroro, past victories/ Giroro, forbidden memories Filler 28/04/2007
159 Keroro Climax! Card Battle/ Keroro, the targeted Platoon Filler 05/05/2007
160 Momoka, the Strongest Mother’s Day Manga Canon 12/05/2007
161 Putata and Mekeke, professional killers Filler 19/05/2007
162 Chibi Kero, Joriri from those times… Filler 26/05/2007
163 Natsumi, Goodbye Saburo/ Fuyuki & Arisa, Rain Monster Filler 02/06/2007
164 Keroro, Nyororo Extinction?/ Lavie, becoming a bride Filler 09/06/2007
165 Kululu, temporary leader/ Koyuki, extreme normalcy training Filler 16/06/2007
166 Keroro, Crush! WettleRobo/ Keroro, Assault! Wettle Human Filler 23/06/2007
167 556, how to make cup ramen/ Keroro, capture! Crosswords Filler 30/06/2007
168 Keroro, Invading with Limited Items/ Momoka, Limited Tanabata Filler 07/07/2007
169 Urere, King of Trains/ Giroro, the beautiful girl and the liquid Keronian Filler 14/07/2007
170 Fuyuki & Keroro, expose! Seven Mysteries!/ Pururu & Chiruyo, Secret Friends Filler 21/07/2007
171 Tamama, Rebel Without a Cause/ Kururu housesitting? Filler 28/07/2007
172 Arisa & Fuyuki, UMA versus Dungal Filler 04/08/2007
173 Keroro, Yamato and Kapuu Mixed Canon/Filler 11/08/2007
174 Keroro, messy hair, Afro Wave/ Dororo, Mysterious Mountain Filler 18/08/2007
175 Keroro, Dive! Vinyl Pool/ Fuyuki & Natsumi, a new morning Manga Canon 25/08/2007
176 Chibi Kero, Goodbye, Summer Vacation Filler 01/09/2007
177 Dokuku, Gas Keronian Number 1/ Keroro, Pekopon’s Number 1 Gunpla Man Filler 08/09/2007
178 Momoka and the ghost, Hinata Family’s Phantom Manga Canon 15/09/2007
179 Keroro, Running for Election!/ Natsumi & Giroro, the two who can’t return Filler 22/09/2007
180 Keroro, the Great Competition Anime Canon 29/09/2007
181 Mushishi, search for the insects!/ Momoka, Three-legged race! Filler 06/10/2007
182 Keroro, Buried Treasure Special/ Tamama versus Tamama Filler 13/10/2007
183 Garuru, a bothersome vacation Manga Canon 20/10/2007
184 Fuyuki, Burning Occult Cultural Festival!/ Natsumi, Rome and Juliet? Filler 27/10/2007
185 Robobo, Big Mechanized Operation/ Tamama, This Note Filler 03/11/2007
186 Arisa vs Yokai of the Invasion won’t advance Filler 10/11/2007
187 Keroro, thank you for your work/ Keroro, fight! Wakiranger Filler 17/11/2007
188 Nuii, don’t throw me away! Filler 24/11/2007
189 Dororo, Assassin from the past Filler 01/12/2007
190 Giroro, target, present! / Keroro, the big birthday party! Filler 08/12/2007
191 Keroro and that certain one, a Legendary Lullaby/ Keroro, Plastic Model King, Great Clash Mixed Canon/Filler 15/12/2007
192 Keroro, Stop Christmas!/ Keroro Platoon, Cake is a Man’s Battlefield Filler 22/12/2007
193 Keroro, New Years with no manners/ Keroro, Sechira versus Zonira Filler 05/01/2008
194 Toilets, now it’s time to rise!/ Kululu and a puppy Filler 12/01/2008
195 Natsumi, I want to ski too!/ Keroro, Hotsprings mean Table Tennis! Mixed Canon/Filler 19/01/2008
196 It Returned! GeroGero 30 Minutes Special Filler 26/01/2008
197 Zeroro, are there too many?! / Keroro, I want to dig holes! Filler 02/02/2008
198 Chibi Kero, Cute, Little, Big Adventure/ Natsumi & Momoka, Chocolate without love is forbidden! Filler 09/02/2008
199 Kululu, Legend of Idol Kululun/ Keroro, going back to basics! Filler 16/02/2008
200 Keroro, Leap has come! Filler 23/02/2008
201 Giroro, the 3rd or March is Ear’s Day?!/ Not Keroro, it’s the women’s fight! Filler 01/03/2008
202 Keroro, attack! The Last Specialist Filler 08/03/2008
203 Keroro, Shurara, the Final Battle Filler 15/03/2008
204 Robo 556/ Keroro & Natsumi, shelter from rain Filler 22/03/2008
205 Keroro & Fuyuki, Another World Filler 29/03/2008
206 Keroro Platoon, Start Operation Colors!/ Dororo, do you like natto? Filler 05/04/2008
207 Keroro, open a company! / Ouka arrives with the Cherry Blossom Filler 12/04/2008
208 Giroro, a Man’s Backup/ Keroro, Operation Mobile Bargain Filler 19/04/2008
209 Koyuki, I’m retiring as a ninja Filler 26/04/2008
210 Natsumi, perplexity after school / Aki, Children’s Day Filler 03/05/2008
211 Musha Kero, Volume 1: The Legendary Heroes Filler 10/05/2008
212 Keroro, don’t look at it! / 556 vs Space Superintendent Filler 17/05/2008
213 Momoka, Reclaim Tomorrow! Filler 24/05/2008
214 Kululu, I quit / Pururu, nurse in love Filler 31/05/2008
215 Keroro, the Eight Wettle Kings / Keroro, Gamma 3’s Great Wet Operation Filler 07/06/2008
216 Keroro, Compression Invasion / Fuyuki, Hinata Family’s Legendary Treasure Filler 14/06/2008
217 Chibi Kero, Forbidden Game/ Keroro, Invaders of Terror Filler 21/06/2008
218 Keroro, Whisper of the Heart / Keroro, Caries War 2 Filler 28/06/2008
219 Musha Kero, Volume 2: Laughters! Sengoku Comedy Battle Filler 05/07/2008
220 Keroro, What is Global Warming? / Sababa, Demon King of the Desert Filler 12/07/2008
221 Momoka, the final battle on Sunday / Giroro, the final battle on Sunday Filler 19/07/2008
222 Keroro, Fishing cookies in Rainy Days / Keroro, memories and fireworks Filler 26/07/2008
223 Momoka, Desert Island Full of Women / Keroro, Operation Frightening Red Shoes Filler 02/08/2008
224 Keroro, Celebrity Resort Dragnet Filler 09/08/2008
225 Tamama, Beautiful Dive / Keroro, the Ultimate Pekoponian Suit Filler 16/08/2008
226 Fuyuki, From A Distant Ocean Came A Turtle Filler 23/08/2008
227 Keroro and Natsumi, One Room Filler 30/08/2008
228 Meruru, Postal Ser-vice! / Fuyuki, a break in the parking area Mixed Canon/Filler 06/09/2008
229 Keroro, Killer Fist of Words / Saburo & Kululu, Silent Fight Filler 13/09/2008
230 Momoka, Operation Savings of Love / Dororo, Kikaka appears Filler 20/09/2008
231 Musha Kero, Volume 3: Explosion! Princess Momo’s Close Call Filler 27/09/2008
232 Keroro, Board Thief / Keroro, He-Ro-Es Filler 04/10/2008
233 Aki, Editors are Strong! Filler 11/10/2008
234 Keroro, Operation TV Projector / Keroro, Invading with a How-to Book. Filler 18/10/2008
235 Fuyuki and the Plesiosaur Filler 25/10/2008
236 Keroro, Chewing Gun? / Tamama, Tamamatango Mixed Canon/Filler 01/11/2008
237 Musha Kero, Volume 4: Go West, Musha Kero Platoon Filler 08/11/2008
238 Keroro Attack! Hint Age Difference Ultra Hammer/Dororo, Great Transformation! Filler 15/11/2008
239 Natsumi, is it a Love Triangle? / Pururu, Operation Marriage Interview Filler 22/11/2008
240 Kururu, Sergeant Major’s Special Mission / Keroro, Legendary Morning Mixed Canon/Filler 29/11/2008
241 556, I can’t tell you right now / Keroro, Vacuum Cleaner Forever! Filler 06/12/2008
242 Keroro, Atic Walker / Keroro, Self-Consciously by Invasion Filler 13/12/2008
243 Keroro, Merry Christmas on the Battlefield Manga Canon 20/12/2008
244 Keroro, Graffiti Dwellers/ Keroro, New Year’s Eve Mayhem Filler 27/12/2008
245 Keroro, New Year’s Invasion Operation!/ 556, Scratched Helmet Filler 10/01/2009
246 Giroro, Extra-Hard Gargling Training / Keroro, Kero-Eraser! Filler 17/01/2009
247 Mois, Lipstick Slapstick/Keroro, Break out! Keron Barfield Filler 24/01/2009
248 Keroro, don’t call me Mommy / Masayoshi Yoshiokadaira, the Delusion is Mine Filler 31/01/2009
249 Musha Kero, Volume 5: The Keronian of the Secret Fort Filler 07/02/2009
250 Musha Kero, Volume 6: The Revived Hero Filler 14/02/2009
251 556 and 5884! Filler 21/02/2009
252 Keroro, Let’s Go to the Movies Filler 28/02/2009
253 Keroro, The Incredible Keroro/ Keroro, Black-Phone Investigator 66 Filler 07/03/2009
254 Fuyuki, Trunks versus Briefs/ Garuru, Secret Feelings!? Filler 14/03/2009
255 Keroro, Frightening Darkness Operation!/Keroro, Frightening Whiteness Operation!/Keroro, Frightening Time-Stop Operation! Filler 21/03/2009
256 Fuyuki and Natsumi, Keroro Attacks!/Keroro, That’s a Lie! Mixed Canon/Filler 28/03/2009
257 Keroro, First Episode Revised Mixed Canon/Filler 04/04/2009
258 Keroro, Negative Thinking of Terror/ Keroro, Honorless Grilled Meat Filler 11/04/2009
259 Koyuki, Cherry Blossom Mayhem Filler 18/04/2009
260 Kero Zero: Keroro Platoon’s Last Night before Departure/ Kero Zero: Keroro Platoon’s First Mission Filler 25/04/2009
261 Momoka, Seat Change Operation/556, My Feelings! Filler 02/05/2009
262 Bariri in love with the Chief Nurse/ Keroro, gaze at space thinking of mother Filler 09/05/2009
263 Keroro, the Weevil that grants dreams/Keroro, Go, Trash Bag! Filler 16/05/2009
264 Keroro, Space Digital Monsters Strikes!/ Keroro, transform Filler 23/05/2009
265 Giroro, Remote-Controlled Date/Keroro, Pooh in a Cave Filler 30/05/2009
266 Tamama, The Wake-Up Kiss is Mine/Pururu, Secret Revealed?! Filler 06/06/2009
267 Keroro, Air Anything Operation/ Keroro, Motel Filler 13/06/2009
268 Kero Zero: Pekoponian Mecha Designer Kiko Katoyama appears Filler 20/06/2009
269 Momoka, Head over Heels Operation/Giroro, Escape From Natsumi! Filler 27/06/2009
270 Chibi Kero vs. Chibi Fuyuki Filler 04/07/2009
271 Tamama, it’s hard being an veteran/Natsumi, We’re all boys! Filler 11/07/2009
272 WettleKing versus 556!/ Three Monsters, the smallest showdown on Pekopon Filler 18/07/2009
273 Keroro, training is Ok!/ Koyuki, shodown! Midsummer Shore Filler 25/07/2009
274 Keroro Platoon, Keroro of Silence Manga Canon 01/08/2009
275 Keroro, Keron-Style Golf/ Keroro, Run Keroro Filler 08/08/2009
276 Keroro, the Admiral attacks!/Giroro, it’s the zipper Filler 15/08/2009
277 Kero Zero: Space Delivery/ Keroro Zero: Eating Formula Filler 22/08/2009
278 Ghost Girl, Before, After/ Giroro, the Red Fairy Filler 29/08/2009
279 Alisa’s first time with Mama!? Filler 05/09/2009
280 Keroro & Natsumi, Ruthless Stamp Card/Keroro, Kerobot of Sadness Filler 12/09/2009
281 Keroro, Cicada Platoon/Keroro, Kero Day Filler 19/09/2009
282 Momoka, Sudden Dance of Flames/Kero Zero: All Quiet on the Fig Front Mixed Canon/Filler 26/09/2009
283 Keroro, Five Shocked Keronians/ Fuyuki, Planet of the Humans Filler 03/10/2009
284 Dororo, Farewell Platoon Filler 10/10/2009
285 Aki, Earth Defense Front/ Natsumi tension! Parent’s Classroom Visit Filler 17/10/2009
286 Keroro, Carelessly Wet Operation/ Keroro, Invasion! Softglon of Terror Filler 24/10/2009
287 Natsumi, stop those hiccups/Kero Zero: THe one waiting on the Training Planet Filler 31/10/2009
288 Keroro, Kappa Legend/ Keroro, Welcome Back Filler 07/11/2009
289 Giroro, Red Devil of the Battlefield/ Keroro, is that really a lie? Filler 14/11/2009
290 Poyon, Miraculous Paul Operation!/Kero Zero: Snow is a Merciless Queen of the Night Filler 21/11/2009
291 Arisa & Nevula, First Hot Spring/Keroro Platoon, Struggle! Bird Day Fair Filler 28/11/2009
292 Natsumi, Secret of the Dresser/Keroro, you were in my dreams Filler 05/12/2009
293 Once again, Gero Gero 30 minutes Filler 12/12/2009
294 Yoshiokadaira, Bodyguard Elegy/ Natsumi, Christmas Party Operation Filler 19/12/2009
295 Keroro, The Two of Us Are One Kerorom/Keroro, Mysterious Ultimate Weapon Filler 26/12/2009
296 Keroro, New Year’s Early Luck/ Keroro, this year is Keron Year! Filler 09/01/2010
297 Keroro, There’s only one chance/Dungal lands Filler 16/01/2010
298 Mois, Goodbye Pekopon/Saburo, The Mysterious Boy Filler 23/01/2010
299 Giroro, Take Down G!/ Giroro, G’s Counterattack Filler 30/01/2010
300 Onono, the Phantom Keron Soldier Filler 06/02/2010
301 Tamama, Kicked Out Of The Nishizawa Family?/ Momoka, Chocolate Cake of Love and Sadness Filler 13/02/2010
302 Keroro, I’m a director!/ Keroro & Fuyuki, Small Adventure In a Big City Filler 20/02/2010
303 Kero Zero: my home is Pekopon Filler 27/02/2010
304 Keroro, Please Return That! Filler 06/03/2010
305 Nobibi is Here! Filler 13/03/2010
306 Shugo Kero, Dokki Doki Party!/Dororo, Doro is coming» Filler 20/03/2010
307 Keroro & Fuyuki, Night of the Time Capsule Filler 27/03/2010
308 Keroro, Nightmare on the Third Planet/ Nocturnal Sergeant Keroro Filler 04/04/2010
309 Giroro, the Pekopon invasion starts/ Giroro & Natsumi, operation cell phone mail Filler 11/04/2010
310 Tamama, Kingdom of Sweets/ Momoka, I appreciate your kindness Filler 18/04/2010
311 Kululu, the invasion has started/ Keroro, a good kero story! Filler 25/04/2010
312 Dororo, invasion is my mission!/ Koyuki’s Secret… Filler 02/05/2010
313 Keroro, invasion achievement in the next day/ Aki, becoming an invader Filler 09/05/2010
314 Keroro, naked invasion/ Natsumi & Saburo, lunch break of the skies Filler 16/05/2010
315 Keroro, enjoyable horticulture/ Fuyuki, shadow stepping like the old days Filler 23/05/2010
316 Momoka, I’m the sergeant?/ Keroro, invasion operation from space Filler 30/05/2010
317 Keroro, Search for Viper!/ Giroro, soldier in the closet Filler 06/06/2010
318 Dororo, the man of the mask/ Mois, black visitor Filler 13/06/2010
319 Mois, a genius hacker?/ Kululu, small old clock Filler 20/06/2010
320 Natsumi, charming invaders/ Pururu, June’s bride? Filler 27/06/2010
321 Keroro, learning with the old ways/ Natsumi, gentleness is a sin… Filler 04/07/2010
322 Giroro, impossible escape!/ Keroro, impossible rescue? Filler 11/07/2010
323 Keroro, advent of the space chief of house-sitting/ Natsumi, Front-line Cameraman Training! Manga Canon 18/07/2010
324 Natsumi, presses it!/ Keroro, invader level check» Filler 25/07/2010
325 Keroro, Version Up Model/ Keroro, the make up used is the self Filler 01/08/2010
326 Chibi Kero, fireworks from that summer/ Keroro, Swimsuit Beauties Contest! Filler 08/08/2010
327 Keroro, super hero!/ Keroro, invasion in a blink! Filler 15/08/2010
328 Momoka, becoming normal!/ Paul’s day off Filler 22/08/2010
329 Fuyuki, becoming worried!/ Natsumi, the ocean isn’t large or big Filler 29/08/2010
330 556, unluckiest partner/ Koyuki, first curry Filler 05/09/2010
331 Natsumi, one week without anger/ Keroro, invasion is a second stomach? Filler 12/09/2010
332 Fuyuki, butterfly person appears?/ Giroro, uninvited guest Filler 19/09/2010
333 Momoka, mood of the starry sky/ Keroro, hairstrand of luck Filler 26/09/2010
334 Keroro, clash, Star Circular Violent Tool Tournament/ Keroro, My Super Decisive Plan!? Manga Canon 03/10/2010
335 Keroro, leader representative robot launches!/Keroro, the moon is luxurious! Manga Canon 10/10/2010
336 Dororo, ninja approaching the shadow/ Natsumi, exploring the construction of the Hinata residence Manga Canon 17/10/2010
337 Keroro, Flowers for Algernainon/ Giroro, oh! Ferocious Ox Manga Canon 24/10/2010
338 Koyuki, Halloween Day/ Koyuki vs Arisa, duel of the ocean depths Mixed Canon/Filler 31/10/2010
339 Keroro, red light of fear/ Keroro, Invasion Plus Minus Mixed Canon/Filler 07/11/2010
340 Aki, real ramen/ Joriri, false ramen Mixed Canon/Filler 14/11/2010
341 Keroro, restroom survival!/ Keroro vs Giroro vs Tamama vs Dororo Mixed Canon/Filler 21/11/2010
342 Keroro, Birth! New Final Technique!/ Natsumi going through Mixed Canon/Filler 28/11/2010
343 556, the Space Sheriff!/ Lavie, leave it to me Filler 05/12/2010
344 Pururu, Pekopon love tour/ Arisa & Momoka, women’s battle Filler 12/12/2010
345 Keroro vs Giroro, duel in the cold rain!/ Keroro platoon, big year-end party Mixed Canon/Filler 19/12/2010
346 Keroro, Bouquet of Rejected Operations/ Keroro, dear Natsumi Filler 09/01/2011
347 Keroro, invader’s aura/ Dororon? Tamama-kun Filler 16/01/2011
348 Fuyuki, Birth! Jerseyman Fuyuki/ Keroro, the great throat candies Filler 23/01/2011
349 Keroro, invading daily life/ Keroro, hooray for reset Filler 30/01/2011
350 Mois, chronicle of uncle’s hard battles/ Aki VS Cat, Anything Goes match Filler 06/02/2011
351 This time it’s Gero Gero 15 minutes/ Giroro, show me! Filler 13/02/2011
352 Nabebe, Yaminabe magistrate!/ Natsumi, 623’s identity Filler 20/02/2011
353 Ghost girl, I’ll rest in peace/ Giroro, even after dreaming time Filler 27/02/2011
354 Keroro, visitor from the future/ 623, tragedy of the radio star Filler 06/03/2011
355 Ouka resigns!/ Keroro must survive Filler 13/03/2011
356 Keroro platoon, Real Dragon Warriors/ Mois, the Other’s Spring Filler 27/03/2011
357 Hinata family, Haru returns Anime Canon 02/04/2011
358 Keroro, The world’s Sgt. Keroros/ Keroro, Keron Army Style excursion great opening! Manga Canon 09/04/2011