Excel Saga Filler List

Excel Saga Filler List is a guide where we can see chapter by chapter if it is a canonical chapter for the original story, or if it is a filler chapter.

Excel Saga Filler List


Excel Saga

Excel Saga is a Manga and Anime series, in many occasions these series differ in some points of their story between the Manga (Comic) and the Anime (Cartoon), since usually filler is added in the anime to give time to the Manga to advance in the original story.

📝 Excel Saga Filler Guide Manga and Anime

With Excel Saga Filler Guide you will be able to know exactly which chapters of Excel Saga are canonical and which are filler, and go directly to the content you are most interested in:

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⚠️ Excel Saga Filler List and Order to Watch

Here is the complete list of Excel Saga chapters in order to watch them and with their corresponding filler chapters marked in case you want to skip those non-canonical parts of the story.

1 The Koshi Rikdo Assassination Plot Filler 07/10/1999
2 The Woman from Mars Filler 14/10/1999
3 The Sacrificial Lamb of the Venomous Great Escape of Hell Filler 21/10/1999
4 Love Puny Filler 28/10/1999
5 The Interesting Giant Tower Filler 04/11/1999
6 The Cold is Winter! Snowed under Episode Filler 11/11/1999
7 Melody of the Underground Passage Filler 18/11/1999
8 Increase Ratings Week Filler 25/11/1999
9 Bowling Girls Filler 02/12/1999
10 Elegy to the Dogs (Menchi’s Great Adventure) Filler 09/12/1999
11 Butt Out, Youth! Filler 16/12/1999
12 Big City Part II Filler 23/12/1999
13 The New Year’s-End Party Hidden Talent Contest Filler 06/01/2000
14 Prop Filler 13/01/2000
15 More! Prop Memorial Filler 20/01/2000
16 Take Back Love! Filler 27/01/2000
17 Animation USA Filler 03/02/2000
18 Municipal Force Daitenzin Filler 10/02/2000
19 Menchi’s Great Adventure 2: Around the World in 80 Hours Filler 17/02/2000
20 The Best of Mr. Pedro Filler 24/02/2000
21 Visually Appealing Type Filler 02/03/2000
22 Invasion, Mother Filler 09/03/2000
23 Legend of the End of the Century Conqueror Filler 16/03/2000
24 For You, I Could Die Filler 23/03/2000
25 We Will Not Be Held Responsible Filler 30/03/2000
26 Going Too Far Filler 24/01/2001