Kamisama Kiss Filler List

Kamisama Kiss Filler List is a guide where we can see chapter by chapter if it is a canonical chapter for the original story, or if it is a filler chapter.

Kamisama Kiss Filler List


Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss is a Manga and Anime series, in many occasions these series differ in some points of their story between the Manga (Comic) and the Anime (Cartoon), since usually filler is added in the anime to give time to the Manga to advance in the original story.

📝 Kamisama Kiss Filler Guide Manga and Anime

With Kamisama Kiss Filler Guide you will be able to know exactly which chapters of Kamisama Kiss are canonical and which are filler, and go directly to the content you are most interested in:

Manga Canon Episodes Mixed Canon / Filler Episodes Filler Episodes Anime Canon Episodes
1-12, 14-30 13

⚠️ Kamisama Kiss Filler List and Order to Watch

Here is the complete list of Kamisama Kiss chapters in order to watch them and with their corresponding filler chapters marked in case you want to skip those non-canonical parts of the story.

1 Nanami Becomes a God Manga Canon 01/10/2012
2 The God Becomes a Target Manga Canon 08/10/2012
3 The God Makes a Match Manga Canon 15/10/2012
4 The God Is Kidnapped Manga Canon 22/10/2012
5 The God Loses Her Home Manga Canon 29/10/2012
6 The God Catches a Cold Manga Canon 05/11/2012
7 The God Asks a Boy Out On a Date Manga Canon 12/11/2012
8 The God Goes to the Beach Manga Canon 19/11/2012
9 The God Goes to the Dragon King’s Palace Manga Canon 26/11/2012
10 Tomoe Becomes a Familiar / The God Goes to the Mixer Manga Canon 03/12/2012
11 The Familiar Goes Into Town Manga Canon 10/12/2012
12 Nanami Quits Being a God Manga Canon 17/12/2012
13 I’ve Started the ‘Being a God’ Thing (Kamisama Kiss) Mixed Canon/Filler 24/12/2012
14 I’ve Started the ‘Being a God’ Thing Again Manga Canon 05/01/2015
15 The God Goes to Izumo Manga Canon 12/01/2015
16 The God Falls Into the Netherworld Manga Canon 26/01/2015
17 The God Races Across the Netherworld Manga Canon 02/02/2015
18 The God Makes Her Second Romantic Confession Manga Canon 09/02/2015
19 The God Meets a Little Tengu Manga Canon 16/02/2015
20 The God Goes to Mount Kurama Manga Canon 23/02/2015
21 The God Sneaks In Manga Canon 02/03/2015
22 The God Is Blindsided Manga Canon 09/03/2015
23 The God Receives a Romantic Confession Manga Canon 16/03/2015
24 The God Goes Back to Being a Child Manga Canon 23/03/2015
25 The God Receives a Marriage Proposal Manga Canon 30/03/2015
26 The God Leaps Into the Past Manga Canon 20/08/2015
27 The Fox Falls in Love Manga Canon 18/12/2015
28 The God Becomes a Bride Manga Canon 20/04/2016
29 The God Meets Someone Manga Canon 19/08/2016
30 The God at the Eve of Marriage Manga Canon 20/12/2016