Noragami Filler List

Noragami Filler List is a guide where we can see chapter by chapter if it is a canonical chapter for the original story, or if it is a filler chapter.

Noragami Filler List



Noragami is a Manga and Anime series, in many occasions these series differ in some points of their story between the Manga (Comic) and the Anime (Cartoon), since usually filler is added in the anime to give time to the Manga to advance in the original story.

📝 Noragami Filler Guide Manga and Anime

With Noragami Filler Guide you will be able to know exactly which chapters of Noragami are canonical and which are filler, and go directly to the content you are most interested in:

Manga Canon Episodes Mixed Canon / Filler Episodes Filler Episodes Anime Canon Episodes
1-9, 13-25 10 11-12

⚠️ Noragami Filler List and Order to Watch

Here is the complete list of Noragami chapters in order to watch them and with their corresponding filler chapters marked in case you want to skip those non-canonical parts of the story.

1 A Housecat, a Stray God and a Tail Manga Canon 05/01/2014
2 Snow-like Manga Canon 12/01/2014
3 Bidden Calamity Manga Canon 19/01/2014
4 Where Happiness Lies Manga Canon 26/01/2014
5 Borderline Manga Canon 02/02/2014
6 Scary Person Manga Canon 09/02/2014
7 Uncertainty and Destiny Manga Canon 16/02/2014
8 Over the Line Manga Canon 23/02/2014
9 Name Manga Canon 02/03/2014
10 Regarded With Hate Mixed Canon/Filler 09/03/2014
11 Abandoned God Anime Canon 16/03/2014
12 A Scrap of a Memory Anime Canon 23/03/2014
13 Bearing a Posthumous Name Manga Canon 02/10/2015
14 One of Her Memories Manga Canon 09/10/2015
15 False Bond Manga Canon 16/10/2015
16 Wish Manga Canon 23/10/2015
17 Divine Acclamation, Imprecation Manga Canon 30/10/2015
18 What Must be Done Manga Canon 06/11/2015
19 How to Worship a God Manga Canon 13/11/2015
20 God of Calamity Manga Canon 23/11/2015
21 The Sound of a Thread Snapping Manga Canon 30/11/2015
22 A Certain Desire Manga Canon 07/11/2015
23 Revival Manga Canon 14/12/2015
24 Your Voice Calls Out Manga Canon 21/12/2015
25 The God of Fortune’s Message Manga Canon 28/12/2015