Sailor Moon Lista de capítulos de preenchimento

Sailor Moon Filler list é um guia onde podemos ver capítulo por capítulo se é um capítulo canônico para a história original, ou se é um capítulo de filler.

Sailor Moon Preenchimento


Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon é uma série Manga e Anime, em muitas ocasiões estas séries diferem em alguns pontos de sua história entre o Manga (Quadrinhos) e o Anime (Cartoon), já que o enchimento é normalmente adicionado no anime para dar tempo ao Manga para avançar a história original.

📝Sailor Moon Guia de Manga e Anime Filler

Com Sailor Moon Filler Guide você pode descobrir exatamente quais capítulos de Sailor Moon são canônicos e quais são de preenchimento, e ir direto para o conteúdo que mais lhe interessa:

Manga Canon Episódios Episódios mistos Canon/Filler Episódios de preenchimento Episódios de Anime Canon
1, 8, 10, 19, 22, 25, 33-35, 44-46, 60-61, 68, 72-75, 77, 82-88, 90, 92, 103, 105-106, 110-113, 119-126, 128, 130, 133, 135, 143, 148-150, 158, 160-174, 179-182, 187-191, 193-200 13-14, 23-24, 36, 42, 62, 70-71, 76, 81, 91, 93, 101-102, 109, 115 2-7, 9, 11-12, 15-18, 20-21, 26-32, 37-41, 43, 47-59, 63-67, 69, 78-80, 89, 94-100, 104, 107-108, 114, 116-118, 127, 129, 131-132, 134, 136-142, 144-147, 151-157, 159, 175-178, 183-186, 192

⚠️ Lista de capítulos de preenchimento de Sailor Moon e ordem de visualização

Aqui está a lista completa dos capítulos Sailor Moon a fim de observá-los e com seus capítulos de preenchimento correspondentes marcados no caso de você querer pular aquelas partes não canônicas da história.

1 The Crybaby: Usagi’s Beautiful Transformation Manga Canon 07/03/1992
2 Punsihment Awaits: the House of Fortune is the Monster Mansion Filler 14/03/1992
3 A Mysterious Sleeping Illness: Protect the Girls in Love Filler 21/03/1992
4 Learn How to Be Skinny from Usagi Filler 28/03/1992
5 Scent of a Monster: Chanela Will Steal Your Love Filler 11/04/1992
6 Protect the Melody of Love: Usagi Plays Cupid Filler 18/04/1992
7 Usagi Learns Her Lesson: Becoming a Star is Hard Work Filler 25/04/1992
8 The Girl Genius is a Monster: The Brainwashing Cram School of Horror Manga Canon 02/05/1992
9 Usagi’s Disaster: Beware the Clock of Confusion Filler 09/05/1992
10 The Cursed Bus: Enter Mars, the Guardian of Fire Manga Canon 16/05/1992
11 Usagi vs. Rei: Nightmare in Dream Land Filler 23/05/1992
12 I Want a Boyfriend: The Luxury Cruise Ship is a Trap Filler 30/05/1992
13 Girls Unite: The End of Jadeite Mixed Canon/Filler 06/06/1992
14 A New Enemy Appears: Nephrite’s Evil Crest Mixed Canon/Filler 13/06/1992
15 Usagi’s Panic: Rei’s First Date Filler 20/06/1992
16 A Girl’s Dream: Usagi Becomes a Bride Filler 27/06/1992
17 Usagi’s a Model: The Flash of the Monster Camera Filler 04/07/1992
18 Shingo’s Love: The Grieving Doll Filler 11/07/1992
19 Usagi’s Joy: A Love Letter from Tuxedo Mask Manga Canon 25/07/1992
20 The Summer, the Beach, Youth, and Ghosts Filler 01/08/1992
21 Protect the Children’s Dreams: Friendship Through Anime Filler 08/08/1992
22 Romance Under the Moon: Usagi’s First Kiss Manga Canon 15/08/1992
23 Wish Upon a Star: Naru’s First Love Mixed Canon/Filler 22/08/1992
24 Naru’s Tears: Nephrite Dies for Love Mixed Canon/Filler 29/08/1992
25 Jupiter, the Powerful Girl in Love Manga Canon 05/09/1992
26 Restore Naru’s Smile: Usagi’s Friendship Filler 12/09/1992
27 Crushing on Ami: The Boy Who Can See the Future Filler 10/10/1992
28 The Painting of Love: Usagi and Mamoru Get Closer Filler 17/10/1992
29 Total Chaos: The Messy Love Rectangle Filler 24/10/1992
30 Grandpa Loses Control: Rei in Danger Filler 31/10/1992
31 Love and Chased: Luna’s Worst Day Ever Filler 07/11/1992
32 Umino’s Resolve: I’ll Protect Naru Filler 14/11/1992
33 Enter Venus, the Last Guardian Manga Canon 21/11/1992
34 The Shining Silver Crystal: The Moon Princess Appears Manga Canon 28/11/1992
35 Returning Memories: Usagi and Mamoru’s Past Manga Canon 05/12/1992
36 Usagi’s Confusion: Is Tuxedo Mask Evil? Mixed Canon/Filler 12/12/1992
37 Let’s Become a Princess: Usagi’s Bizarre Training Filler 19/12/1992
38 The Snow, the Mountains, Friendship, and Monsters Filler 26/12/1992
39 Paired with a Monster: Mako, the Ice-Skating Queen Filler 09/01/1993
40 The Legendary Lake Yokai: The Bond of Usagi’s Family Filler 16/01/1993
41 I Won’t Run Away from Love Anymore: Ami vs. Mamoru Filler 23/01/1993
42 Sailor Venus’s Past: Minako’s Tragic Past Mixed Canon/Filler 30/01/1993
43 Usagi Abandoned: The Falling-Out of the Sailor Guardians Filler 06/02/1993
44 Usagi’s Awakening: A Message from the Distant Past Manga Canon 13/02/1993
45 Death of the Sailor Guardians: The Tragic Final Battle Manga Canon 20/02/1993
46 Usagi’s Eternal Wish: A Brand New Life Manga Canon 27/02/1993
47 Moon Revived! The Mysterious Aliens Appear Filler 06/03/1993
48 For Love and Justice! A Sailor Guardian Once Again Filler 13/03/1993
49 For Whom is the White Rise? Moonlight Knight Appears Filler 20/03/1993
50 Usagi’s Crisis: The Moon Tiara Doesn’t Work Filler 10/04/1993
51 A New Transformation: Usagi Powers Up Filler 17/04/1993
52 Targeted Kindergarten Kids: Venus’s Great Performance Filler 24/04/1993
53 Mamoru and Usagi’s Babysitting Mayhem Filler 01/05/1993
54 The Culture Fest is for Me? Queen Rei Sings with Passion Filler 08/05/1993
55 Is Seijuro the Moonlight Knight? Mako Falls in Love Filler 22/05/1993
56 Steal Mamoru’s Kiss! An’s Snow White Strategy Filler 29/05/1993
57 Be Careful After School: Usagi is a Target Filler 05/06/1993
58 The Lovers’ Hearts Disagree: The Angry Doom Tree Filler 12/06/1993
59 True Love Awakens: The Angry Doom Tree Filler 19/06/1993
60 An Angel? A Devil? Mysterious Girl from the Sky Manga Canon 26/06/1993
61 Huge Shock for Usagi: Mamoru Declares a Break Up Manga Canon 03/07/1993
62 The Friendship of the Sailor Guardians: Goodbye, Ami Mixed Canon/Filler 10/07/1993
63 Women Should be Strong and Beautiful: Rei’s Killer New Move Filler 24/07/1993
64 In Search of the Silver Crystal: Chibiusa’s Secret Filler 31/07/1993
65 Dispute Over Love: Minako and Makoto Face Off Filler 14/08/1993
66 Usagi’s Parental Love: A Curry Triangle Relationship Filler 21/08/1993
67 The Ocean! The Island! A Vacation! A Break for the Sailor Guardians Filler 28/08/1993
68 Protect Chibiusa: The Clash of the 10 Warriors Manga Canon 11/09/1993
69 Awaken, Sleeping Beauty: Mamoru’s Distress Filler 25/09/1993
70 A Battle of the Flames of Love: Mars vs. Koan Mixed Canon/Filler 02/10/1993
71 For Friendship: Ami and Berthier Clash Mixed Canon/Filler 16/10/1993
72 Cold-Hearted Rubeus: The Four Sisters of Sorrow Manga Canon 30/10/1993
73 A UFO Appears: The Sailor Guardians are Abducted Manga Canon 06/11/1993
74 Defeat Rubeus: A Battle in Space Manga Canon 13/11/1993
75 A Mysterious New Guardian: Pluto Appears Manga Canon 20/11/1993
76 Magical Power of Darkness: Emeraude’s Invasion Mixed Canon/Filler 04/12/1993
77 Our Feelings are the Same: Usagi and Mamoru in Love Once Again Manga Canon 11/12/1993
78 Venus Minako’s Nurse Mayhem Filler 18/12/1993
79 Artemis’s Adventure: The Evil Animal Kingdom Filler 25/12/1993
80 Terrifying Illusion: Ami All Alone Filler 08/01/1994
81 Dark Gate Completed: A Grade School in Danger Mixed Canon/Filler 15/01/1994
82 A Journey to the Future: Battle in the Space-Time Corridor Manga Canon 22/01/1994
83 The Shocking Future: Dimande’s Dark Ambition Manga Canon 29/01/1994
84 Wiseman’s Evil Hand: Chibiusa Disappears Manga Canon 05/02/1994
85 The Birth of Black Lady, Queen of Darkness Manga Canon 12/02/1994
86 Saphir Dies: Wiseman’s Trap Manga Canon 19/02/1994
87 Believe in Love and the Future: Usagi’s Determination Manga Canon 26/02/1994
88 The Final Battle Between Love and Darkness: Love Sworn to the Future Manga Canon 05/03/1994
89 Usagi and the Girls’ Resolve: Prelude to a New Battle Filler 12/03/1994
90 Premonition of World’s End? The Appearance of Mysterious New Guardians Manga Canon 19/03/1994
91 The Rod of Love is Born Again: Usagi’s New Transformation Mixed Canon/Filler 26/03/1994
92 A Beautiful Boy: The Secret of Haruka Tenou Manga Canon 16/04/1994
93 Usagi’s Idol: The Graceful Genius Michiru Mixed Canon/Filler 23/04/1994
94 Protect the Pure Heart: A Three-Way Battle Filler 30/04/1994
95 Leave it to the Moon for Love Aid Filler 07/05/1994
96 Cold-Hearted Uranus: Makoto in Trouble Filler 14/05/1994
97 The Labyrinth of Water: Ami the Targeted Filler 21/05/1994
98 Save Friends: Moon and Uranus Join Forces Filler 28/05/1994
99 The Kindness of a Man: Yuichiro, Heartbroken by Rei? Filler 18/06/1994
100 Retire from the Sailor Guardians? Minako’s Concerns Filler 25/06/1994
101 Usagi in Tears! Glass Slippers for Her Birthday Mixed Canon/Filler 02/07/1994
102 The Pure Heart Stolen: Usagi’s Biggest Crisis Mixed Canon/Filler 16/07/1994
103 The Arrival of the Tiny Pretty Guardian Manga Canon 06/08/1994
104 Seeking Friends: Chibi Moon’s Actions Filler 20/08/1994
105 Wanting More Power: Mako’s Lost Path Manga Canon 27/08/1994
106 The Bond of Destiny: The Distant Days of Uranus Manga Canon 03/09/1994
107 Art is an Explosion of Love: Chibiusa’s First Love Filler 10/09/1994
108 Usagi’s Dance, in Time to Waltz Filler 17/09/1994
109 A Time of Shock: True Identities Revealed to One Another Mixed Canon/Filler 24/09/1994
110 Death of Uranus and Neptune?! The Talismans Appear Manga Canon 15/10/1994
111 The Grail’s Divine Power! Moon’s Double Transformation Manga Canon 22/10/1994
112 Who is the True Messiah? Chaos of Light and Darkness Manga Canon 05/11/1994
113 A House Full of Evil Presence: The Secret of the Beautiful Girl, Hotaru Manga Canon 12/11/1994
114 Crazy for Celebrities: Mimete in Doubt Filler 19/11/1994
115 The Shadow of Silence: The Pale Glimmer of a Firefly Mixed Canon/Filler 26/11/1994
116 Sunny Skies After a Storm: A Friendship Dedicated to Hotaru Filler 03/12/1994
117 Higher, Stronger! Cheers by Usagi Filler 10/12/1994
118 The Battle in a Demonic Dimension: The Sailor Guardians’ Bet Filler 17/12/1994
119 Awakening of the Messiah of Silence? Stars of Destiny Manga Canon 24/12/1994
120 Invasion from an Alternate Dimension: The Mystery of Mugen Academy Manga Canon 07/01/1995
121 A Mystic Flower that Steals Hearts: The Third Witch, Telulu Manga Canon 14/01/1995
122 Believe in Love: Ami, a Kind-Hearted Guardian Manga Canon 21/01/1995
123 Shadows of Destruction: The Awakening of the Messiah of Silence Manga Canon 28/01/1995
124 The Horror of the Approaching Shadow: Eight Guardians in a Tough Battle Manga Canon 04/02/1995
125 A Bright Shooting Star: Saturn, and the Messiah Manga Canon 11/02/1995
126 A New Life! Time for Separation of the Destined Stars Manga Canon 18/02/1995
127 Self-Awareness as a Guardian: Strength Lies in the Pure Heart Filler 25/02/1995
128 Meeting of Fate: The Night Where a Pegasus Flies Manga Canon 04/03/1995
129 Super Transformations Again! Pegasus’s Power Filler 11/03/1995
130 Protect a Mother’s Dream! The New Attack for Double Moon Manga Canon 18/03/1995
131 Capture the Pegasus: The Amazons’ Trap Filler 25/03/1995
132 A Couple Made for Each Other: Usagi and Mamoru’s Love Filler 15/04/1995
133 Artemis’s Affair?! A Mysterious Kitten Appears Manga Canon 29/04/1995
134 Makoto’s Friendship: A Girl Who Adores a Pegasus Filler 13/05/1995
135 Hearts that Communicate: Chibiusa and Pegasus Manga Canon 20/05/1995
136 Protect Mamoru: Jealousy of Usagi the Ninja Filler 27/05/1995
137 Forest of Illusion: Invitation of a Beautiful Fairy Filler 03/06/1995
138 Drive to Heaven: Love Riding on the Car of Dreams Filler 10/06/1995
139 Try for the Best of Japan: The Worries of a Beautiful Girl Swordsman Filler 17/06/1995
140 Love Those Minis: The Fashionable Guardians Filler 01/07/1995
141 Storm of Love: Minako’s Grand Two-Timing Plan Filler 08/07/1995
142 Mansion of Secrets: The Menu of Love to You Filler 15/07/1995
143 Time to Believe in Pegasus: The Super Transformations of the Four Guardians Manga Canon 22/07/1995
144 Sparkling Summer Days: Ami, the Girl in the Ocean Breeze Filler 12/08/1995
145 Aim for the Prima: Usagi’s Ballet Filler 19/08/1995
146 Holiday in Juban City: A Carefree Princess Filler 26/08/1995
147 The Fated Partner? Makoto’s Innocence Filler 02/09/1995
148 Shadows of the Great Evil: The Trio is Cornered Manga Canon 23/09/1995
149 Mirror of Dreams: Amazons’ Final Stage Manga Canon 21/10/1995
150 Amazoness! Nightmare from Behind the Mirror Manga Canon 28/10/1995
151 True Power Explodes: Ami’s Song of the Heart Filler 04/11/1995
152 Burning Passion: Mars’s Furious Deadly Attack Filler 11/11/1995
153 A Dentist of Terror? PallaPalla’s House Filler 18/11/1995
154 Confrontation in Dreams: Minako and Makoto’s Broken Friendship Filler 25/11/1995
155 Over the Fear: Jump to Freedom Filler 02/12/1995
156 Don’t Lose Your Dreams: The Truth-Reflecting Mirror Filler 09/12/1995
157 Pegasus is Gone?! Swinging Friendships Filler 16/12/1995
158 The Secret of Pegasus: The Handsome Guardian of the Dream World Manga Canon 23/12/1995
159 Chibiusa’s Little Rhapsody of Love Filler 13/01/1996
160 Dream to be an Adult: The Amazoness’ Bewilderment Manga Canon 20/01/1996
161 Coming Terror: The Dark Queen’s Evil Approach Manga Canon 27/01/1996
162 The Center of the Darkness: Dead Moon Circus Manga Canon 03/02/1996
163 Labyrinth of Mirrors: Chibi Moon Captured Manga Canon 10/02/1996
164 The Golden Crystal Appears: Nehellenia’s Spell Manga Canon 17/02/1996
165 Time for the Crystal to Shine: Beautiful Power of Dreams Manga Canon 24/02/1996
166 Dreams Forever: Light Throughout the Sky Manga Canon 02/03/1996
167 Resurrection of the Queen of Darkness: When Scattered Flowers Create Nightmares Manga Canon 09/03/1996
168 Saturn Awakens! The 10 Guardians Gather Manga Canon 23/03/1996
169 Mirror’s Magic Curse: Mamoru Caught in a Nightmare Manga Canon 13/04/1996
170 Hardships of a Warrior: Sailor Guardians’ Night of Destiny Manga Canon 20/04/1996
171 Hell Demon Battle: Love Will Prevail Manga Canon 27/04/1996
172 Love and Moon Power: The End of the Nightmare Manga Canon 04/05/1996
173 Meetings and Farewells: The Stars of Destiny Turnover Manga Canon 11/05/1996
174 New Transfer Students: Storm’s Begin Manga Canon 18/05/1996
175 Aim to be an Idol: Minako’s Ambition Filler 25/05/1996
176 Fighter’s True Form: A Super Shocking Transformation Filler 08/06/1996
177 Entrusting Dreams and Romance to the Stars: Taiki’s Transformation Filler 15/06/1996
178 Luna Saw It?! Idol Yaten’s True Face Filler 22/06/1996
179 Enemies? Allies? Starlights and the Sailor Guardians Manga Canon 29/06/1996
180 The Brightness of the Calling Stars: Haruka and Company into the War Manga Canon 13/07/1996
181 Seiya and Usagi’s Heart-Pounding Date Manga Canon 20/07/1996
182 Invasion from Space: Seiren Comes Flying In Manga Canon 03/08/1996
183 The Scream of Dead Souls: The Mystery of Terror Camp Filler 10/08/1996
184 A Night Just for Us: Usagi’s Pinch Filler 17/08/1996
185 Taiki Sings with Excellence: A Believing Heart Carried by a Song Filler 31/08/1996
186 The Mystery of Chibi Chibi? The Big Noisy Chase Filler 07/09/1996
187 The Power of a Shining Star: Chibi Chibi’s Transformation Manga Canon 14/09/1996
188 An Invitation to Terror: Usagi’s Night Flight Manga Canon 12/10/1996
189 Torn Between Duty and Friendship: Confrontation Among the Sailor Guardians Manga Canon 19/10/1996
190 Truth Revealed: Seiya and Company’s Past Manga Canon 26/10/1996
191 When a Light Butterfly Dances in the Air: Premonition of a New Wave Manga Canon 09/11/1996
192 Straight to Your Dream: Idol Minako is Born? Filler 16/11/1996
193 The Silver Crystal is Stolen! The Fireball Princess Appears Manga Canon 30/11/1996
194 Holy War in the Galaxy: Sailor Wars Legend Manga Canon 07/12/1996
195 The Fireball Princess Dies Out! Galaxia Descends Manga Canon 14/12/1996
196 When the Galaxy Perishes: The Sailor Guardians’ Final Battle Manga Canon 11/01/1997
197 Ruler of the Galaxy! Galaxia’s Threat Manga Canon 18/01/1997
198 Disappearing Stars! The End of Uranus and Neptune Manga Canon 25/01/1997
199 The Light of Hope! Final Battle for the Galaxy Manga Canon 01/02/1997
200 Usagi’s Love! Moonlight Lights Up the Galaxy Manga Canon 08/02/1997